Spark AR Studio – Keyboard Shortcuts

in Tips & Tricks on November 19, 2019

We all spend a lot of time in Spark AR Studio. Knowing keyboard shortcuts is crucial in creating a faster more efficient post-production workflow.

ManipulatorsCenter/Pivot ModeP
ManipulatorsLocal/Global ModeG
ViewportPanOption-Left Mouse
ViewportRotateCommand-Left Mouse
VideoPlay/PauseCommand-Left Mouse
ProjectImport AssetsCommand-I
ProjectRun/Stop ScriptCommand-R
WorkspaceFocus on Selected ObjectF
WorkspaceShow AssetsCommand-3
WorkspaceShow LayersCommand-2
WorkspaceShow SceneCommand-1
WorkspaceShow/Hide Patch EditorCommand-Option-P
WorkspaceShow/Hide ConsoleCommand-Option-I
WorkspaceShow/Hide FPS OverlayCommand-Option-O
WorkspaceShow/Hide InspectorCommand-Option-0
WorkspaceShow/Hide NavigatorCommand-0
WorkspaceShow/Hide ToolbarCommand-Option-T
SimulatorReset Rotation4
SimulatorRotate Device to 180°2
SimulatorRotate Device to 270°3
SimulatorRotate Device to 90°1
SimulatorRotate to LandscapeCommand – ←
SimulatorRotate to PortraitCommand – →
SimulatorView Back CameraCommand – B
SimulatorView Front CameraCommand – F

If you want to add your own keyboard shortcuts, follow these steps:

  1. Click AR Studio in the menu bar
  2. Select Preferences > Key Binding
  3. Click on the existing shortcut and enter a new one

To revert all the changes you’ve made:

  1. Click AR Studio in the menu bar
  2. Select Preferences > Key Binding
  3. Click Restore Default Settings

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